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Pain Lies, 5 Ways to 
Instantly Decrease your Pain ebook
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Pain, depression and dysfunction are a vicious cycle: Break the cycle now!

  • Are you ready to enjoy life, increase your joyenergy level, physical stamina, quality of sleep, while you decrease your pain?
  • How would your life look different if you could spend time with those that you love without the distraction of pain?
  • With a pain-free life you will have time to discover your true nature of having confidence to be mentally and physically efficient and productive.
  • At The HOPE Wellness Institute, our goal is to deliver the best care possible for YOU. Call today to take the first step towards your new life without pain!  916-965-6558

Contact us today for you complimentary Strategy session.

  • What to Expect in your first session: You are unique and complex person, physically and mentally, and pain has many sources. That's why we tailor your healing program specifically to your needs, schedule, and pain.
  • There are many conditions we are qualified to help you with. Let us design your healing program so you take back control of your health by living a pain free life with our custom designed pain management program.
  • If you are a New Client please go to our new client portal by clicking here, or just complete the initial consultation program form by going here.
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10% of Brainwave Optimization programs provide therapy for Veterans
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