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About Us

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Venice Sullivan, Ph.D., CNMT, is the founder, and Director of care, at the HOPE Wellness Institute. She has been a massage therapist for nearly 30 years. Her clients have ranged in age from newborn to 104 years old. She says there is nothing more special than working with BABIES. It is her joy to have been able to successfully assist in pregnancy with numerous couples struggling with infertility.  
Venice believes her role is to be a conduit in helping you find the answers you seek. Her ultimate goal, with every client, is to unravel the puzzle and treat the problem, not the symptom. 

Venice is a perpetual student, and is always looking for ways to improve hers skills to assist clients to a deeper level of healing. She trained with Paul St. John in St John Neuromuscular Therapy, now Neurosomatic Educators and has studied with the Four Winds Society, Inner Access 101, BioLight Technologies and The BrainTek Institute. She was an assistant instructor with St John Neuromuscular Therapy over 10 years, and has been instructor at the Massage Therapy Institute for Neuromuscular Therapy since 2000. She currently also is an instructor the BrainTek Institute.  

Venice loves to share all her knowledge with the therapists at the HOPE Wellness Institute, increasing their skills for your benefit. She is currently focusing her time working with depression and cognitive brain issues. Her passion lies with the Veterans, and increasing their level of care and healing.

Venice’s driving force is unraveling the mystery of pain, dysfunction and often the depression that accompanies it. She excels when someone has been in pain for an extended period of time and has been unable to find resolution for it. This has been the drive of her training, to help find more answers in order to deliver better care to you. Her belief is there is no one therapy that is right for everyone, or that any therapy is right all the time. We must work with the whole person, not the parts. This is theory behind the programs that we provide. Rather than using band-aids to fix the pieces lets provide care programs to address the whole. 

As Director of care, Venice supervises the therapists and consults with insuring the best care for each client that we work with. 

Email: Venice@TheHWI.com

nicole blankenship certified medical massage hope wellness institute
Nicole Blankenship, CMT
Nicole is a Certified Medical Massage Therapist who specializes in therapeutic and deep tissue massage. Nicole moved to the United States from Germany in 2008, where she was a licensed Physical Therapist with her own practice.

Nicole attended Massage Therapy Institute in Davis for licensing in the state of California. She believes that pain and restrictions, whether from sudden injury, over use or chronic pain patterns just seem to drain away our sense of well being. Each session, she discusses your experiences, identify the sources which are creating your pain to design a treatment plan. When pain is addressed at the source, the healing is faster and more complete.

She is experienced with creating effective relief for people living with chronic conditions or pain patterns due to overuse/strain. Some of the conditions that she treats regulars include: low back pain, chronic tension & anxiety, fibromyalgia, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist & hand pain), migraine, neck, arm & shoulder restrictions with associated pain & numbness (thoracic outlet), arthritis and injuries (old and new).
Nicole also enjoys working with pre and post event athletes along with pre and post surgery clients.

Contact: Nicole@TheHWI.com
Availability: Mon-Fri: By appointment only

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