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Michael Spackman, CMT
Michael has been a Medical Massage Therapist for nearly a decade, helping people release chronic pain and develop personal boundaries through of meditation, coaching, neuromuscular therapy and massage.  He brings with him experience in the financial world, working with the Berkley Physic Institute.  Personal injury from a bicycle accident has made him acutely aware of what it takes for the body to heal, and how important specific massage is in the process.

Personal Statement
My passion is exploring the inner workings of life, where self-empowerment and optimistic thoughts can move mountains.
I Became A Massage Therapist Because
I wanted to learn how the body works and how to keep myself healthy while helping others do the same thing.
What Excites Me Most About My Job?
It’s never the same.  When I give a relaxation massage, I try and see if I can put my clients to sleep during the massage.  When I’m a massaging client who is in chronic pain, my intent is to release the soft tissue and bring their body back to structural balance.
American College of Health Sciences – Aromatherapy Healing Arts Institute – Raindrop Therapy Massage Therapy Institute – Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy CDM – Spiritual Counseling & Energy Healing California Polytechnic State University – B.S. Business Administration
I enjoy the outdoors (camping & hiking) and physical exercise – barefoot running and bicycling.  I also enjoy the calming focused intent of meditation.

Michael's clients say “His work is specific, perfect for whatever I need every time I am on his table and the movement therapy he shows me how to do helps me feel better between our appointments. I can’t recommend him highly enough”.

Contact: Michael@TheHWI.com
Availability: Mon-Fri: By appointment only
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