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The Aloe Vera Miracle

By The HWI
Aloe Vera is more than just a sunburn aid. This amazing plant helps with aches and pain to serious life threatening diseases. A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions:  READ MORE...

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

By Sarah Costa, CMT
Water – a subject near and dear to a massage therapist’s heart. How many times have you heard your massage therapist to tell you to drink lots of water after a massage?  READ MORE...

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Arthritis: Massage and Low Light Laser Therapy 

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT; & Lisa Sullivan, CMT
As many as 1 in 5 Americans live with arthritis, a joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Depending on the severity of the condition and the location of the arthritis... READ MORE...

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Bodywork: Myofascial Release

By Sarah Costa, CMT
One of the many massage techniques used at the HOPE Wellness Institute is called myofascial release. Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy intended to treat dysfunction in the fascia and muscle layers of the body.  READ MORE...

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Bodywork: Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

By Sarah Mertyris, CMT
One of the most utilized massage modalities at HOPE Wellness Institute is Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). Our owner and founder, Venice Sullivan, has been a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist for over 20 years.  READ MORE...

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Bodywork: Sports Massage

By Mark Richards, CMT
What exactly is Sports Massage? Many people believe that Sports Massage is only for trained, professional athletes. Not so. Anyone who is physically active can benefit from Sports Massage. READ MORE...

neurotherapy trigger point therapy skeletal body health massage
Bodywork: Trigger Point Therapy, Part 1 (The Basics)

By Venice Sullivan, Ph.D., NCMT 
What exactly is a trigger point? Trigger points are areas of low neurological activity, that when stimulated or stressed, transform into an area of high neurological activity with referred sensation to other parts of the body. So what exactly does that mean?  READ MORE...

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Bodywork: Trigger Point Therapy, Part 2 (The Treatment)

By Sarah Costa, CMT
Last time, we discussed exactly what a trigger point was. To summarize, trigger points are areas of low neurological activity, that when stimulated or stressed, transform into an area of high neurological activity... READ MORE...

neurotherapy trigger point massage brain body skeleton muscles
Bodywork: Trigger Point Therapy, Part 3 (Self-Care)

By HOPE Wellness Institute
One of the most important jobs of a massage therapist is client education. We are here to support you as you improve the quality of your life. Therefore, you will frequently see articles in our newsletters like this one... READ MORE...

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Bodywork: Scar Tissue and Adhesions

By Sarah Costa, CMT
Most people think of scar tissue as that stuff that is left behind after a cut, scrape or incision on the surface of your skin. We all have scars that can be seen whether they be on your knee from falling off your bike when you were five years old, or on your abdomen from a cesarean section or appendicitis. READ MORE...

breasts heart pain relief relaxation
Breast Augmentation and Pain

By Venice Sullivan, Ph.D, NCMT
As you know, I have spent many years specializing in soft tissue pain relief and rehabilitation. This article is meant to be thought provoking for those who are considering breast augmentation. READ MORE...

carpal tunnel syndrome hand work older person pain relief
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Is Surgery Necessary?

By Sarah Mertyris, CMT
“Carpal tunnel” has become one of those catch phrases that people toss around like a Frisbee when they are referring to pain in the arm, wrist and hands.  READ MORE...

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Cold & Flu Season Recommendation 

HOPE Wellness Institute carries a verity of Young Living products. 
Among them are pure essential oils. Thieves oil is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. Using Thieves daily will help you avoid the cold and flu bugs this season. READ MORE...

depression PTSD soldier war memories enjoy life relief
Depression: Kick it in the Butt and Enjoy Your Life

By: The HOPE Wellness Institute
Depression sucks but the good news is that there is help, and it doesn’t have to be medication.  Are you down in the dumps? READ MORE...

diabetes laser therapy low light
Diabetes: Massage and Low Light Laser Therapy

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT. & Lisa Sullivan, NSRT
Twenty-five million Americans are diabetic. Another 79 million are pre-diabetic. With those kinds of statistics, it’s a rare day that we don’t have someone on our massage table affected by this disease. READ MORE...

exercise sciatic pain piriformis
Exercise for Sciatic Pain from Piriformis Syndrome

By: Ron S. Miller, PT (Rearranged by Mandi Singleton)
Piriformis Muscle Stretches. Several of the stretching exercises commonly prescribed to treat sciatica symptoms from piriformis muscle problems include... READ MORE...

foods avoid snacks unhealthy salty sugar starch beer
Foods To Avoid

Rice Syrup
Artificial Sweeteners Condiments tend to be high in sugar and can exacerbate your Candida. Stay away from the soft drinks too. READ MORE...

healing infants touch baby massage
Healing Touch for Infants

By Venice Sullivan, Ph.D, NCMT
“HELP! My baby won’t quit crying and seems to be in pain.” Or, “My baby can’t latch on, her head is lopsided, or she can’t straighten her legs.” READ MORE...

infant massage parental care
Infant Massage: Taking It into Your Own Hands

By Sarah Costa, CMT
One of the unique therapies that we offer at HOPE Wellness Institute is infant massage. Massage therapy has been beneficial to countless families who have come to us with infants that had nursing problems, colic, fussy temperaments, sleeping problems, and failure to thrive. READ MORE...

joint pain seasonal relief massage
Joint Pain

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT 
Many of you are familiar with seasonal joint pain. Some of you can even predict severe weather changes based on how your joints feel. READ MORE...

lymphedema old woman massage
Lymphedema: HOPE Wellness Institute Can Help

By Sarah Costa, CMT
Many people who have fought hard and won their battle against cancer, find themselves facing a new enemy. Lymphedema is a common condition for post-cancer patients... READ MORE...

massage winter sports snowboard
Massage and Winter Sports 

By: Nicole Blankenship 
Wintertime in California is a great opportunity for families and friends to experience the fun of winter sports. Therapeutic Massage is a great way to recover from leg or neck soreness, back stiffness, and other muscle tenderness that often happens after a big day on the slopes. READ MORE...

athlete hiking massage performance health
Massage: How It Benefits Athletic Performance

By Venice Sullivan, Ph.D, CNMT
Whether you are Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Michael Flatley, Apolo Ohno, Sasha Cohen, or a weekend warrior; your body takes a beating on many levels.  

natural anti-inflammatory spices herbs
Natural Anti- Inflammatory Foods and Supplements That Help Arthritis

by: Dr. Leo Galland. Arranged by Mandi Singleton
Here’s a look at some alternative natural remedies for inflammatory arthritis. There are natural anti-inflammatory foods and herbs & spices that can help with arthritis, as well as supplements.  READ MORE...

new years resolutions health pain relief
New Years’ Resolutions Getting the Best of You?

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT and Lisa Sullivan, CMT
We do it every year; we make resolutions to lose weight, eat better, start exercising, etc. We start off the New Year with the best of intentions and within a few weeks (right about now) we start falling back into old habits... READ MORE...

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Nutrition: Better Eating, Better Sleep

By Hope Wellness Institute
There are a multitude of reasons as to why many people have difficulty sleeping at night. Some recent studies in neurology indicate that daily stress, lack of exercise, use of stimulants and poor nutrition may be to blame.  READ MORE...

superfood weight loss kiwi mango lettuce salad
Nutrition: Superfoods for Weight Loss

By Mark Richards, CMT
The holidays are just around the corner and the myth out there is that the average person gains 5 to 7 pounds during the season. Good news, that’s not exactly true! For those of us who may be overweight, we do stand a chance to gain up to 5 pounds during the winter months.  READ MORE...

insomnia sleep relief massage
The Secret of Sleep

By Venice Sullivan, Ph.D, NCMT
We hear all the time that we spend a third of our life sleeping. AT LEAST WE SHOULD. It is while we sleep that our body is rested, rejuvenated and healed. We must get good sleep to live a healthy balanced life. READ MORE...

headaches fix pain stress work
Self-Care for Headaches

By Mark Richards, CMT
Headaches can be debilitating for many of us. There are a few quick fixes that can be done to minimize the intensity and duration of these painful headaches. 

sore muscles massage hands back muscles
Sore Muscles From Your New Workout Routine?

By HOPE Wellness Institute
A study released this past week shows that massage after exercise may not only help relieve soreness, but it may also help your muscles become fitter, faster. The study shows that massage switches on genes that decrease inflammation in muscles. READ MORE...

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Stop Smoking with HWI

By: Lisa Sullivan, CMT
We all know that smoking is harmful to the body, the environment, and the pocket book, but do we really understand the challenges smokers face in quitting? Over the years smoking has gone from socially acceptable to socially unacceptable, alienating those who smoke, and putting a lot of pressure on them to stop. 

stress pulling hair woman angry pain
Stress And Low Level Light Therapy

By Venice Sullvan, Ph.D., NCMT
Stress is simply a fact of nature – forces from both inside and outside our bodies affecting our body/mind connection. Everyone responds to stress in different ways. Because of the overabundance of pressures in our modern lives, we often think of stress negatively. READ MORE...

anti-inflammatory salmon lemon asparagus
Ten Highest Rated Anti-Inflammatory Foods

By Mark Richards, CMT
Quite simply, inflammation is a biological response in the body to harmful stimuli; such as pathogens, damaged cells or irritants. It is a natural response that facilitates healing.  READ MORE...

tennis elbow athletes pain relief
Tennis Elbow: Not Just for Tennis Players

By HOPE Wellness Institute
Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, as it is medically referred to; can affect anyone including those of us spending long hours doing computer work. It is an inflammation in one of the muscle tendons that attaches to the lateral epicondyle of the elbow (the bony protrusion on the outside of your elbow). READ MORE...

sciatica pain sports athlete pain relief massage
Understanding Pseudo-Sciatica

By: Nicole Blankenship
Sciatica! Is it or isn't it? Sciatica is often thought of as a disease. However, sciatica is compression of the sciatic nerve. This may be caused by a slipped or a herniated disc in the lower back. READ MORE...

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Walking: For Maximum Gain

By Venice Sullivan, Ph.D, CNMT
You don’t have to walk any particular way, but there comes a point when refinements offer definite benefits. The correct posture, arm swing, and stride add up to higher-intensity exercise and lower risk of injury.  READ MORE...

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