Bach Flower Essences

Bach Flower Essence

"All fear must be cast out; it should never exist in the human mind, and is only possible when we lose sight of our Divinity. It is foreign to us because as Sons of the Creator, Sparks of the Divine Life, we are invincible, indestructible and unconquerable." – Dr. Bach

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Bach Flower is a Trusted Brand for more than 80 Years. Bach Flower Essences were developed to help balance the emotional and mental personality “glitches” that keep us stuck and unable to heal and move forward. As the behavior becomes balanced, health is regained. The Bach Flower Essences are beneficial for all, children, adults, pets and plants.

Dr. Bach believed that illness was a result of personality imbalances and studied for many years to find the flower essences to balance different behaviors.

Ill health is a result of imbalance. When we have beliefs and feelings that are out of balance this can cause dysfunction in the physical body or prevent the body from healing. Trauma or long term ill health can form inbalanced beliefs and feelings resulting in less ability to heal. The Bach Flower Essences enable us to find that balanced place to aid in our healing.

The Bach essences are not a prescription. They are a natural product, with no side effects, no warnings, and no contraindications.

When we are in the middle of “IT” we usually can’t see what “IT” is. This is the time to call for an appointment with a consultant to help you define which of the Bach essences are needed to help you rebalance and heal.

The Bach Flower Essences can help:
Never ending loop of thoughts that never shut up (the chatter)
• Can’t make a decision
• Fears
• Stuck in past traumas
• Feel unappreciated
• Need to be always right
• Live Life from the Pessimistic point of view
• Feel Hopeless, “Whats the use?”
• Procrastination
• Unclear about what is ahead in life for you
• Put on a happy face, so others won’t know how you really feel
• Can’t say No, Easily taken advantage of

• Many changes happening and you feel unable to cope
• Feelings of jealously & hate
• Self absorbed
• Feel spacey & out of touch with the real world
• Lack motivation to improve life
• Always wish for the way it was
• Utterly & completely exhausted mentally & physically
• Mood swings or depressed and have no idea why
• Make the same mistakes over and over again
• Feel you have reached the limits of all you can endure
• Can’t forgive and move on

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