Brainwave Optimization

Brainwave Optimization

Free 30 minute assessment to see if qualify for this incredible brain program 

The Brainwave Optimization process is Non- invasive, Simple and Produces Results.  

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Do you feel you are stuck in your habits and dysfunctions and can’t break out of the patterns? 

 We can help!!

Step 1 Evaluation: We start each client with a brainwave evaluation, by attaching sensors to the scalp which reads your brain waves. This is to discover where the brain is stuck and allows us to reflect your own brainwaves back to you allowing your brain to relax in the areas it is stuck, and allow the brain to help.  

This process has helped over 170,000 people around the world. Now it is your turn.  

Call today to see if you qualify or click here to schedule an appointment for your complimentary consult.  

Inappropriate neural pathways, imbalances and stuck patterns are developed in the brain as we are repeatedly stressed or challenged. Soon we are living in a dysfunctional world totally out of balance.

The HOPE Wellness Institute Brainwave Optimization Program is designed to relax the brain, allowing it to heal itself. It is not designed to address specific problems or diagnosis. Since the brain is the master control center of the body as it heals many or symptoms and problems begin to heal as well. 
Brainwave Optimization helps with the following:
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Judgement
  • Productivity
  • Pain, Sleep
  • Stress
  • Academic Performance
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Athletic Performance
  • Addictions
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