Brainwave Optimization Testimonials

Brainwave Optimization Testimonials

BWO Testimonials 

I have gained confidence and the ability to stand up for myself in all areas of my life. The BWO program is helping me grow as a strong woman and a role model for my daughter. 

I have owned a construction business for over 30 years; it runs in the mid 7-figure range. The stress can often be intense. For the first time I am able to think about my business calmly, not in the place of driven desperation. My decreased stress level is decreasing the stress of my employees as my management style is becoming very different. 

In 2012 I had meningitis, which severely affected my balance, sleep, hearing, comprehension and speech. I have regained a lot of function by using various therapies and exercises. Since I began using Brainwave Optimization I have a clearer mind and am able to process thoughts better 

Bill B
I started the BWO program in the middle of severe family drama. I was very stressed and reactive. In the middle of the first session I could see how I needed to step out of the drama, and come from a different place of love, peace and understanding, not anger. This program is incredible is the peace that it helps one feel.  

I am able to function at a much more focused level, accomplish more and easier. Instead of noticing and swallowing things that irritate me, which just built irritation, I now easily say what need to be said, without anger and move on. As a result there is less stress on me, and those around me.   

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