Brainwave Optimization Testimonials

Brainwave Optimization Testimonials

1. George had Meningitis in 2012. While the doctors were pleased he survived, he was left with severe challenges including: slow, halting speech, needing frequent naps to function, and a feeling of numbness on the left side of his head/brain. By the end of the year the healing progress stalled. Beginning the BRE program, the first sound protocol seemed to act as a key unlocking his brain to begin recovery. There were dramatic measurable improvements within the first 24 hours, which have continued. His speech is significantly improved, as are many others of his cognitive functions.  

2. Susie, a mom with two preschool age children has post partum depression. Two weeks into the program she said, “For the first time since I have had kids, I am enjoying them.”  

3. Pam fell nine years ago resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury. Two weeks into the program she said she could cook a meal for the first time since her fall. 

4. Carol business owner struggled to focus on any single project and complete it. Within days she was amazed when she started and completed a project without another thought entering in her mind. She has become more efficient, focused, has better energy, more patience and stamina. 

5. Barb had suffered a major traumatic event, resulting in four years of counseling; she underwent the four - week program. At the end of treatment her therapist stated she had made more progress in those four weeks than she had in the four years of therapy. She is no longer in therapy. 

6. Sandra who suffered from RSD was in so much pain the doctors had implanted a morphine pain pump in her body. She was still in debilitating pain. Two years ago she began the four - week BRE program and in less than a week she turned off the morphine pump and has not turned it back on since.

7. Margie, who is 67, has become more anxious, hyper and negative over the last few years. At the time she started the program the slightest discomfort was setting her into a near panic mode. She is now calm, reasonable and is in control of her responses to discomforts and stress. 

8. Alexis’s Mom had been ill and passed away; the stresses from the process had set her into a deeper level of pain. Although she was planning a vacation to Paris, she was in enough discomfort her statement was I just need to get away, even if all I can do is sit on the balcony and watch the people go by. She went on her vacation, saw the sites, enjoyed seeing much of Paris, had a great time and came back refreshed and rejuvenated. 

9. George at 70 was finding himself depressed and exhausted whenever he had to think about work or anything that required any expenditure of energy and dreading working with his clients. He was too concerned about finances although he had worked, planned, and saved all his life to be able to retire and relax. He is no letting his practice wind itself down, while he enjoys the clients he works with. 

10. Rick, who had many family and friends pass away in a five-year period, resulting in severe depression, began the program. Before the program he spoke in a monotone, was a coach potato, and was severely neglecting his own personal care. Within a week he was invigorated, cracking jokes and helping around the house in ways he had never done. 

11. Tom slept for only 10 minutes at a time and less than an hour or so per night. His wife told me the extent of his anger issues. The neighbors called Adult Protective Services on at least a weekly basis. When pressed she said he never got violent, or hit her however in his rage he was so loud, he often would throw the furniture out of the house. She said that Adult Protective Services had not been called since he had started the program.  

These are from another therapist: 

11. In one week my son, 3 1/2 years old who has mild autism, TICS reduced by 75%, his anxiety decreased tremendously as well as his social interaction with other children increased.   

12. My colleagues daughter Anna, 7, who had sensory issues and tremendous social anxiety after 2 weeks began to transition from home to school and in her extracurricular activities increasingly better and her anxiety went from a 7 or 8 to a 2.  

11. Dr. B’s son who has special needs 6 years of age began to speak words he had never spoken and his vocabulary increased significantly after 2-3 weeks of BrainTek.  

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