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Break through the pain cycles 
and patterns of your life.

Reclaim your power, health, 
joy and productivity

Break the Cycle of Pain! 
5 ways to change your life.

           When: Saturday, June 11, 9 am to 6 pm.

           Where: Christ the King Retreat Center, 6520 
                         Van Maren Lane, Citrus Heights, CA 96621

           Cost: $150. early registration 
                      $125. (by May 31st) Lunch included.

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Pain, Depression, and Dysfunction can quickly become a vicious cycle. It is time to break that cycle. That is what HOPE Wellness Institute excels in.  

Are you ready to enjoy life, increase your energy level, physical stamina, and quality of sleep? Would you like to really enjoy being with the people you love? What would it be like to be more efficient and productive, to improve your bottom line?

Check out all the therapies we use to find the source of your imbalances by selecting from the services tab above. 
 Our team provides a wide variety of therapies, and our Director of Care will design a program just for you. This stops the Band-Aid approach and gets to the root of the problem, to break the cycle and change your life.  

Imbalance happens to all of us, whether it’s physical, emotional, chemical, mental, nutritional or spiritual. 
The sources of imbalance can become woven together and bind us to the past, to inactivity or to pain, depression and dysfunction. 

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. 
 Let us design a program for you and get you on the road to taking your life back. At HOPE Wellness Institute, our goal is deliver the best care possible for you, to help you Kick that Pain, Depression and Dysfunction in the Butt and get on with your life. During your complimentary consultation we will design a program to provide you the best possible avenue to change your life. 

You can read about all of the methods we use to find the source of your imbalances by selecting from the services tab above. Your choices and needs dictate the modalities that we use.

Click here for a list of conditions that benefit from massage or neurological stress reduction.

Click here for what to expect at your first session.

How Can We Help You?

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