Mobile Sound Therapy

Mobile Sound Therapy

Mobile sound solutions to increase your focus from the BRE Program. Please SIGN UP now for a free mobile sound therapy track.
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rejuvenate braintek mobile sound solution
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Enjoy your free 10 minute Rejuvenation mobile solution to increase your focus.  
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Sleep Refresh
Sleep Refresh is designed to help you achieve a better night sleep. Many people are unable to drift to sleep, toss and turn all night and wake up still feeling tired. Sleep Refresh will allow you to drift away to a peaceful sleep and wake-up with more energy and vitality. Sleep Refresh Powered by BrainTek is good for ages six to ninety-six.
stress relief resolve stressors
Stress Relief
Whether your stress triggers are taking place at home, work, or in your social life, Stress Relief Powered by BrainTek can help alleviate rapid mood swings, frustration, anxiety, job burnout, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Once your brain is in a more relaxed state, you will have less mind chatter and better focus. This allows you to make better decisions on how to resolve the stressors that are challenging you.
pain relief productive energy
Pain Relief
Pain Relief is designed to help you become more productive throughout the day by relieving common aches and pains. Oftentimes the daily pressures work, school, children and hectic daily chores can cause physical stress on the body. This can cause low energy, mood swings, stress headaches, and eye strain. Pain Relief will help relax your mind and body.

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