Why should you care about it? Nutrition is the process of obtaining foods necessary for health and growth. When foods contain the proper nutrients, our bodies have an automatic shutoff to keep us from overeating. Getting proper nutrition is the ultimate decision to becoming healthy. When the body is fuelled with what it needs for optimal health, it becomes the most amazing machine.  
So, where to start? Who to listen too? What to believe? These questions have kept many from pursuing proper health. There are so many pitfalls on the road to good nutrition. BBQ’s with family, potlucks at work, dating, access to fast food, the list goes on. Most social gatherings are filled with foods that people crave. Navigating the high-fat, high-sugar dishes is a modern day gauntlet. Here are some tips to help you navigate.

Avoid overeating – nutrient dense foods will trigger your shutoff and help keep you from overeating. For example; eating a bag of chips is easier than eating a bag of almonds. The omega-6 in most oils used to make potato chips causes you to crave more of this junk food. That is why you can’t eat just one. Whereas; eating more than a serving size of almonds is difficult. Your body decides it’s full.

Why are you eating – ask yourself this question. Do you really need it or are you bored? Eating foods that give prolonged energy will keep you moving and full. Eating anything high in sugar, or that convert quickly to glucose in the body, will give you immediate satisfaction, but will leave you craving more sooner than needed. Whole wheat is converted quickly to glucose, which is one of the reasons it is so darn tasty.

Eat naturally – focusing on foods that come from the garden and not a factory. Most grocery stores are set up with the natural foods on the outside perimeter. Fruits and veggies on one side and meats in the back. Most of the middle aisles are full of processed, nutrient deficient foods.  

Organic – going organic can be expensive, so if on a budget remember the dirty dozen. These foods absorb and retain pesticides. Apples, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, nectarines, peaches, potatoes, snap peas, spinach/lettuce/leafy greens, strawberries, bell peppers/hot peppers. Find more information on

No artificial sweeteners – think of these as toxins. They decrease your metabolism and are detrimental to body functions. There are numerous websites that will support this statement.

Baby steps – don’t try to change everything all at once. Habits form over long periods of time and creating new habits can take 2 weeks or longer. Review your progress each week and make adjustments as necessary.

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