Attention Professionals: Is Your Pain is getting in the way of your success?
Break the PAIN CYCLE!
Create your life of Maximum Health & Productivity


  • Is your pain affecting your work, productivity and your income? 
  • Are your daily activities restricted because of your pain?
  • Is your pain level a constant drain on you, leaving you with little energy to excel? 
  • Are you taking it out on everyone around you? 
  • Are you frustrated that “traditional” medicine is not providing the solutions that you are seeking?

You are invited to a Special VIP day designed just for you.

Break through the pain cycles and patterns of your life

Reclaim your power, health, joy and productivity

Hi: It’s Venice Sullivan
Join us on Saturday, June 11, 9 am to 6 pm.

Where: Christ the King Retreat Center, 6520 Van Maren Lane, Citrus Heights, CA 96621

Cost: $150. early registration $125. (by May 31st) Lunch included.

You will walk away from this day with a surprisingly powerful, yet simple to use box of tools to Break YOUR PAIN CYCLE. These tools are taken from Venice’s Incredible Shrinking Chronic Pain Formula Program that has created great success for her clients.  

Here’s what you will learn:
• 3 ways to decrease your pain and increase your productivity 
• One simple technique to increase your focus 
• Why you haven’t been able to break the pain cycle
• How to change your Pain and Take back your life 
• 4 things that may be increasing your pain that you aren’t even aware of

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