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Reclaim Your Life Through Medical Massage.

We treat the problem – not the symptom!

  • HOPE Wellness Institute staff is well trained in a variety of massage and healing modalities.
  • We are unique in that we offer the latest in technology, hands-on massage and energetic healing all in one location.
  • This gives our clients flexibility in choosing a treatment plan that best suits their individual requirements for healing.
  • New clients receive a thorough evaluation, and together with a therapist determine a plan for healing. Together we treat the problem, not the symptom.

At HOPE Wellness Institute, our goal is deliver the best care possible for you, to help you reclaim your health. During your complimentary consultation we will design a program to provide you the best possible avenue to change your life. 

Medical Massage
Medical massage has been proven to lower stress levels and blood pressure, relieve muscle spasms, ease chronic pain and bring about a state of well-being. The practitioner manipulates muscles and connective tissue to increase relaxation and circulation throughout the body. READ MORE...

The HOPE Wellness Institute Brain Training Program helps with the following: Memory, Focus, Judgement, Productivity, Pain, Sleep, Stress, Academic Performance, Learning Difficulties, Athletic Performance, Addictions, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. 

Neuromusclar Therapy (NMT) is a form of massage that stimulates specific muscles and trigger points to bring balance to the body. Conditions helped by NMT include headaches/migraines, TMJ, cervical pain, whiplash, rotator cuff injuries, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, osteoarthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and more. READ MORE...

We’re proud to offer a new technology: the AURA, developed by BioVeda. The AURA assesses stress in the body through galvanic skin responses, and provides individualized treatment through low level light therapy and homeopathic supplements, neutralizing neurological stress. Conditions that benefit from AURA include acne, smoking, inflammation, skin conditions, allergies, digestion, sleep conditions, headaches and migraines. READ MORE...

Memories, beliefs, and emotions are often stored in the soft tissues of the body. Not all of these are positive and beneficial. Venice works extensively with soft tissue memories and helps to release these to gain a deeper healing. READ MORE...

Medical Intuition is not a healing modality, but a supplementary tool to provide an accurate portrait of what is going on in a client’s body. It traces the nature and roots of conditions that have manifested themselves in physical discomfort and disease. This work is particularly helpful for providing information regarding conditions that may have eluded traditional methods of diagnosis or comprehension.

Bach Flower Essences were developed to help balance the emotional and mental personality “glitches” that keep us stuck and unable to heal and move forward. As the behavior becomes balanced health is regained. The Bach Flower Essences are beneficial for all, children, adults, pets and plants. READ MORE...

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